Get a Skilled Visa and Work in Canada

Get a Skilled Visa and Work in Canada

Are you looking for how to go Canada or are you looking for job opportunities in Canada? There are several visas to Canada that you can avail yourself and your family of and one of them is the Skilled Migrant visa under the Express Entry System. Right from the 1st of January 2015, Canada has thrown open its doors to allowed Skilled professionals to enter into Canada visa the Express Entry System which is created to efficiently manage all applications for Permanent Residency.

The good thing about this system is that most of the occupations existing are listed in the occupations listed as needed in Canada by the National Occupation Classification (NOC). All professionals with their profession listed in the O, A and B category can apply under the Express Entry system. The Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC) has made it such that there is no limit to the number of application that will be accepted. This gives room to everyone who is looking for job visa for Canada.

The process is point based and applicants are selected on merits only, using factors such as Age, Experience, Educational Background, and English Language Proficiency as rated by IELTS. All applicants that get selected will be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and welcomed to file a case for Permanent Residency in Canada. This application will be processed within 6 months maximum.

Applicants in the express entry pool with job offers from Canadian employer or nomination from any of the Provinces via the Provincial Nominee Programs will also be given an ITA. The Federal government also selects candidates based on their skillset.

The Steps involved in this system are:

Step 1: ECA, Educational Credentials Assessment are carried out here

Step 2: The Express Entry profile of the applicant will be created using the skills and qualifications such an applicant possesses.

Step 3: Applicant is expected to register in the Canada Job Bank site so as to increase chances of obtaining a job offer.

Step 4: After selection, applicant is issued an ITA which should be replied within 60 days.


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