Germany Skilled Migration Visa

Germany is one of the largest economies in the world and is continually growing with good rate of employment and new opportunities for international migrants. If you are a skilled migrant and you think you are qualified for the Skilled Migration Visa, there is a very good chance you will be able to migrate to Germany to work and live. Germany Skilled Migration Visa will allow you to migrate to Germany and live there and be employed in either private or public companies.


How can you obtain a Germany Skilled Migrant Visa? You will just need to prove that you are really a skilled worker and has the interest to to contribute to Germany economy. Germany doesnt have an occupation list compared to other countries and that is  good news. Skilled Migrant Visa will be based on the applicant’s foreign degree or German degree as qualification and your work experience.

You will be assessed on your English language skills, will check your age and your work experiences. You will also be needing to show your ability to contribute to their German Labour Market.

German Skilled Migrant Visa will need you to ask your university outside Germany to award you and confirm that you have obtained a degree there. It is important that your degree is equivalent to German degrees.

Your application can be submitted if you have obtained the above mentioned requirements with correct application form and other supporting documents. If you are not yet sure about applying for German Skilled Migrant Visa or any Germany Visas, call Permits and Visas today and we are more than willing to help and advice your professionally.

Germany Job Seekers Visa

Job Seekers Visa is for international migrants to targets to find job and work in Germany with outstanding qualifications.

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