MIGRATE TO CANADA from Dubai (2)

Find Out If You Are Qualified for Canada Express Entry

Canada is one of the strongest economies in the world is one of the most open to foreign skilled workers from all over the world. Canada offers a number of immigration programs which gives skilled individuals a number of opportunities to migrate to Canada. Since 2015 January, a large number of skilled foreign immigrants have been granted an Express Entry access. This will help cover Canada’s economic immigration category programs such as:

Those candidates who were successfully invited will be able to apply for Permanent Resident Visa under the Express Entry fast processing system. This process only take for about maximum of 6 months or lesser. This system will as well provide a  gateway to skilled migrants with a big job opportunities even before they step the country. The Express Entry system will make sure that candidates who are being selected will succeed in contributing to country’s economy and will be able to permanently migrate to Canada.
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