Is there a benefit to using a qualified OISC Agent in your application?

Yes – the process of applying is a very complicated. The application forms are also generally quite complicated. It is recommend that you seek the assistance of an immigration expert. Our immigration experts will ensure that your application is properly checked and prepared and submitted based on the government requirements.

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How Long to UK Visa Applications Take?

Generally UK Visa applications are very quick and often can be completed in most cases in 30-90 days.

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Will I be interviewed by a UK Entry Clearance Officer?

This is hard to say. Not everyone is interviewed. The interviews are used to assess the truthfulness of information and documents provided and might be used to answer any questions or confirm any outstanding points the assessing caseworker may have.

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Is Police Clearance Required for UK Applications?

Generally the answer is No, but this may vary on a case by case basis.

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Will I have to take a medical exam?

Some UK Visas do require medical examinations to be taken but these are specific to the country from which you are applying.

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Can I include my dependents in UK Visa Applications?

For most applications you can, except for working holiday and visit visas. A dependent is classed as a spouse or common law partner (someone who has been living with you as man or wife for at least 2 years) and children under the age of 18

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Can people of any nationality apply for UK Visas?

Yes anybody can apply no restrictions on the nationality of applicant.

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What is the difference between a Work Permit and an Entrepreneur Visa?

An Entrepreneur Visa and a Work Permit are both ‘Residence Visas’. The main difference is your sponsorship and entitlement to work. Whereas for a work permit you need to first be sponsored by a company and your employment will be restricted to that company. An entrepreneur visa is for those who wish to set […]

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