Canada Visa Country FAQs

What is the National Occupational Classification?

The Canadian National Occupational Classification is a list issued by the Canadian government which details all the various occupations, their classification codes, their respective skill levels. From this list qualifying occupations each year are determined for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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Who can I include in my application as dependents for a Canada Immigration Visa?

You can include all your dependents and these include your married spouse or unmarried partner (providing you have been co-habiting for at least 12 months), all children under the age of 21 can also be included.

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What is the difference between a resident visa and a permanent resident visa?

Permanent residency means you are allowed to reside indefinitely within a country and will mean that you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after a qualified period of time. Please see below.

Resident visa means you are allowed to live and work in the country however this may be valid only for a specified […]

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Can people of any nationality apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa?

Yes anybody can apply no restrictions on the nationality of applicant.

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Do I qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa under the Skilled Worker category?

Before we take your case on we will take care to qualify you for a skilled worker visa based on your age, qualifications, occupation , work experience and English language ability.

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Can I still qualify as a Skilled Worker if I do not have work experience in one of the 24 qualifying occupations for 2013-2014?

You may still qualify if you have a job offer and LMO already from Canada under one of these occupations. You might also qualify through a provincial nominee program.

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Will I have to take a medical exam?

Some UK Visas do require medical examinations to be taken but these are specific to the country from which you are applying.

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Is there a benefit to using a qualified ICCRC agent for immigration to Canada?

Yes – the process of applying for immigration to Canada is a very complicated procedure. The application forms are also generally quite complicated. It is recommend that you seek the assistance of an immigration expert. Our immigration experts will ensure that your application is properly checked and prepared and submitted based on the government […]

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What is the TEF test?

TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Françs) is an exam conducted by the CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Paris) which tests the candidate’s proficiency in the French language. This test is also for individuals who are required to prove their level in French in order to work. It is obligatory for every person who […]

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Do you need to take an English or French test in order to be eligible for the Canadian skilled worker category?

Yes, your level of English and/or French will gain you points for your visa application. It is a requirement to take a standardized language test in either French or English regardless of your country of nationality. Every applicant is required to take an English or French test even if English or French is your […]

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