Canada Work Permit

Facts You Need Know About Canadian Work Permit

With over 200,000 immigrants coming to Canada every year; it is easily one of the world’s top destinations for immigrants. By following the right kind of procedures, permits and visas for Canada can be conveniently obtained and your dream of immigrating to Canada can be pursued and turned into a reality. For those seeking a Canadian work visa, the Canadian Immigration lawyer can play a significant role and is very important to obtain the Canadian Visa.

Wanting to Migrate to Canada from UAE with a Canadian Work Permit Visa? Here are some of the facts you need to know about the Canadian Work Permit.

  1. One of the most popular visa programmes for immigrating to Canada is by doing it under the ‘skilled worker’ category.
  2. Canada Immigration in the skilled worker category is basically intended for people who have high levels of experience and skills.
  3. Another special Canadian Visa category also exists for business immigrants.
  4. The province of Québec has been allowed a special provision for selecting immigrants by Citizen and Immigration Canada (Government of Canada’s immigration department).
  5. Forty percent of the annual immigration to Canada is currently under family reunion, and refugee programs.
  6. When you plan to move to Canada, it is very important to have extensive information about Canadian work visas, Canadian student visas and about Canada immigration in general.
  7. With constantly ranked at the top to best country to live in by the United Nations, people are getting more and more attracted towards the lucrative opportunities Canada has to offer.
  8. One can migrate through the following ways:
    1. Younger people with the most trending qualification in demand and proficiency in English or French (or even better both languages) are completely eligible for the Canadian immigration as skilled workers.
    2.  There are special rules to enable businessmen (immigrants) and software specialists to be eligible to come under the Canada immigration system.
    3. Immigration to Canada is possible for family members of people already settled in the country.
    4. People aged 18 to 30 from a number of Western countries can enjoy their nation’s working holidays in Canada under the ‘Working Holiday Program‘.

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