Factors That Count When Applying for Canadian Visa

Factors That Count When Applying for Canadian Visa

The new Canadian visa program seeks to select the best candidates with the highest probability of settling down successfully in Canada, people who can contribute to the economy and help the nation move forward. This simply means that the visa program will favour those with good educational background and work experience with sound English or French communication skills.  It is advisable that you get a reliable and reputable recruitment agency in Dubai to Canada to help you analyze and evaluate your profile before you go ahead to submit an application.



  • Education

For instance, an applicant can get up to 25 points for education. If you have doctorate degrees, you could get all 25 points. If you are confused about this, speak to a recruitment agency for Canada in Dubai to help evaluate your credentials and let you know how many points you will be awarded.

  • Language

In the area of language, an applicant can get up to 28 points maximum and a minimum of 16 points. If you can demonstrate high level proficiency in English and/or French, you are in good standing. You may need to go through language tests in order to validate your proficiency in these languages. You should also have your immigration to Canada from Dubai consultant help check your ratings in these area. It is actually a lot better to have a rough idea of your standing before submitting an application.

  • Employment Experience

Employment experience can earn an applicant a maximum of 15 points. No applicant may score less than 9 points. For any applicant to qualify for the minimum points, he or she must have at least 1 year after school working experience. This evaluation can also be done for you by Canada immigration Dubai consultants.

  • Age

Those who are within the ages of 18 and 35 are awarded up to 12 points. Any age above 35 will drop one point per year. At 47 years, the applicant has no point.

  • Arranged Employment

Bonus points are offered to those who have employment offers already in Canada. If you already have an employment, your employer will have to prove to the Human Resources and Skills Development department in Canada that your employment will have neutral or positive effect on the economy of Canada. All who are validated will get extra 10 points.

  • Adaptability

How well can you adapt into the Canadian environment? That could mean gaining or losing 10 points. If you have had at least 1 full year work experience in Canada in a professional, managerial, technical or skill trade occupational position before now, you can earn these 10 points because it will show that you can adapt well in the Canadian settings.


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