Essential Skills Needed in New Zealand

Essential Skills Needed in New Zealand

Do you have plans to migrate to New Zealand? The essential skills work visa might be appropriate for you.

For those who have been offered full time job opportunity in New Zealand, and have got all the necessary experience and qualifications to do well in that job, such can apply for a temporary New Zealand work visa. Your New Zealand employer, however, must have checked to be sure that there are no New Zealanders available to fill up the job position you are being offered, before the job is given to you. If you are granted this visa, this will allow you to sponsor your partner or dependent children for their own visa applications.

Features of the Visa

  • Those who are granted the visa will have up to 5 years and this depends largely on the level of skill of the job offered.
  • This visa allows the holder to work in New Zealand for the employer who has offered you a job based on your visa application

Things to Note

  • Before any job can be offered to an immigrant, a thorough check is done to be sure there is no New Zealander available for the job. Only after then can a visa be granted to the immigrant applying for the job
  • The applicant is not allowed to include their dependent children or partner in their own application. Such are however allowed to apply for visas with reference to their relationship to the main applicant which is you. If your dependent children must be eligible for a visa, you must have earnings of at least NZ $36,850.44
  • The essential skills work visa does not allow self-employment. If an applicant seeks to be self-employed, such will have to apply for an Entrepreneur work visa.


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