Easiest Way to Get PR in Canada from Saudi Arabia

Easiest Way to Get PR in Canada from Saudi Arabia

Canada is an admirable place to have Permanent Residency. Those who are migrating from Saudi Arabia will enjoy a different lifestyle entirely, nicer infrastructure, plenty amenities, a cool democratic setup with several interesting social values. There are many jobs in Canada for engineers as well as other kind of jobs like caregiver jobs in Canada. Expats from Saudi Arabia can follow different pathways into Canada including the PNP program, the QWSP program etc., but that may not always be the easiest way to get PR.

What is the easiest way to get PR in Canada from Saudi Arabia?

The express entry program has become the most popular route for immigration to Canada in the last one year for skilled migrants because it is actually the easiest way to obtain a PR. There are specific documents that will be required to apply in the express entry system. You can easily get information about these documents from immigration services that specialize in visas to Canada.

An Overview of Express Entry System

The Express Entry program was launched in January 2015 with these objectives in mind:

  • To make entry of foreigners into Canada fast and smooth
  • To satisfy the requirements of the Canadian Labour market by selecting only the most appropriate skills in the Express Entry Pool.

What are the Key requirements of the Express Entry System?

  • Supply an approved IELTS test result with the expected score
  • Supply an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report
  • Secure at least 67 points and apply in the online EE system.
  • Validate your skill level as per national Occupational Classification (NOC)

How to Apply in Express Entry System?

  • Register a profile in the Express Entry system and submit Expression of Interest while stating your age, language proficiency, educational background, work experience etc.
  • The profile submitted must have at least 67 points
  • The profile will be reviewed by the IRCC and a definite score as per CRS will be given
  • Those whose profile get selected in the IRCC periodic draws will be Invited to Apply for PR
  • On receipt of ITA, applicant has only 60 to complete application for PR.


It is important to know your standing before going ahead with your application. You can easily check your eligibility using our free online visa assessment. Please fill the form and one of our agents will get back to you to discuss your application.