Easier Migration to Canada

Easier Migration to Canada From Dubai

The Canadian Government has declared its interest on making immigration a whole lot easier for migrants. The government has asked migrants and citizens to bare their minds as per what they expect from Canada Immigration in the future as per what could be done to help serve the country better and those who are newly entering in. Currently, roundtable meetings are being held with Joe Public.

Right from the beginning of summer, the Immigration minister John McCallum and the Parliamentary secretary Arif Virani, have been in more than 24 roundtable meetings all across Canada with businesses, community groups and service organizations to hear their opinions on matters such as job hiring in Canada and what can be done to make it easier for expats to access the country.

These meetings have been by invitation only but the public are welcome to submit their opinions through email to the minister. Since these meetings started, with more coming up this August, there have been more than 2500 submissions received.  The feedbacks from the public will be reviewed by the IRCC and this will determine how many expats will be allowed into Canada in the comings years. This will also, to a large extent shape the future of Canada.

According to Andres Griffith who is a former general at the Immigration Department, Canada has programs and immigration policies that are right but it can be made better with a review by a royal commission. As most immigrants choose to become citizens in Canada because they believe in the Canadian society, they should also be allowed to integrate into the society politically, in addition to cultural, social and economic integration.

Some of the suggestions given to make immigration easier for migrants include:

  • Reduction in application fees from the current $530 to something that is more accessible
  • Family reunification is key and should be increased to about 40% of the total immigration numbers.
  • Newcomers should be able to access the settlement programs on ground regardless of how long they have been in Canada or their current immigration status
  • Foreign workers and migrants should be given access to Permanent Residence
  • There should be improvement of the programs to allow businesses to hire foreigners when Canadians cannot be found to fill the job opportunities in Canada.
  • Canada should attempt to add up to 1% immigration numbers of the current country population yearly.


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