Different Visas for Canada For Migration



Different Canadian Visas for Migration

Here is a list of different visas available for Canada migration. An individual can apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa under the following categories:

Canada is using the Express Entry system which is a points system where in the applicant will undergo an assessment based on his qualifications. There are various factors that can indicate your eligibility for a Permanent Resident Visa such as your age, your profession, your education, English or French ability and others.

Applicants who are applying under any of the Skilled Worker program must have the skills and experience which are equivalent and compatible to the occupations needed in the country. The selection favours the applicants who already got job offers in Canada.


Permits and Visas Immigration Consultants will professionally assess your situation and qualification to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. We will, as well, provide you your possible score during the Canadian Immigration Assessment which will determine whether you will receive an Invitation to Apply or not.

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