DENMARK work permit or visa

Denmark Work Permit or Visa

In a lot of cases, international immigrants have to acquire a residence and a work permit before they will be allowed to work in the country and in other cases, foreign migrants can actually join work related activities while on a visa in Denmark without residence or work permit.

If you will stay for just a short period of time, foreigners can have a work related activity in the country. These activities are teaching, meetings, negotiations, training and attending courses.

You will need a residence and work permit in Denmark if your visit is related to contribute on a product or any output for a company or creation of a new product.

If your employer has a machinery or equipment, computer software and the likes to a Denmark company,

Be informed that you and your employer must determine whether you need a residence and work permit before coming to Denmark. If you have applied for a visa and thought that this will be easier, you will then realize later that you need a residence and work permit. Given the situation, you will unlikely be permitted to extend your stay more than 90 days.

It is very important to clearly indicate your purpose of your visit. Tasks and duties of your work must be explained detailed. For education or training purposes, you must explain what the course is in detail. In case of any work related to computers, you must explain the type of computer system and tasks you will be working on. You will need to provide the full an detailed description of the purpose of your visit as this will shorten your application process and that they will not need to search for further immigration information.


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