Danish Green Card Scheme Visa

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Denmark is one of the countries that has an appealing job market in the world. It has diverse industries that requires a large number of employment. Denmark is one of the countries that has a very stable economy in the world making it an ideal place to work and live.

Employment rate of Denmark is one of the top 10 in the world as of 2014 survey. It has more than 70% of employment rate as per Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Denmark is known for its strong industries in medicine, furniture industry, design and clothing, architecture and information technology. Danish companies are one of the reputed in terms of accommodating foreign workers as long as they fit the job qualifications they are looking for.

Denmark’s standard of living is faily well. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Danish people are satisfied in their quality of life.


In order to acquire a residence permit through Danish Green Card Scheme Visa, applicant must meet the minimum total of 100 points to qualify. These points are given to the applicants with the basis on the following:

  • Education
  • Language Skills
  • Adaptability

In addition to that, applicant must be able to prove that he can support himself for the first year of stay in Denmark.

The point system for educational level is based on their educational level. For the language skills, you must be able to provide the documents proving that you have passed a language test in one of the following languages:

1. Danish
2. Swedish
3. Norwegian
4. English
5. German


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