Denmark visa and Work permit

Denmark Visa or Work Permit?

In most cases, foregoing nationals need to have a residence and work permit before they can start working in a country. In some cases though, foreign nationals can perform a number of work-related activities while in Denmark (on a Denmark visa), without having to hold a residence and work permit.

If your stay in Denmark is shorter than three months, you will be allowed to perform certain types of work-related activities – even if you do not hold a residence and work permit. Such activities generally include teaching/attending a course, or participating in certain meetings/negotiations, training programs and briefings.

You require a residence and work permit only if the point of your visit is to create/ change a product or contribute to the output factor of a company in any way whatsoever.

If your company has supplied technology related equipment to a Danish company, employees who are relevant to the job may fit, install or repair this equipment while in Denmark on a Denmark Visa stay in accordance with the ‘ Fitter rule’ .

The basics of the Fitter rule are as under :

  • It is very important that you (and your company) determine whether you require a Denmark Visa or a residence and work permit before your arrival in Denmark.
  • If you originally applied for a visa instead of a residence and Denmark Work Permit, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to extend your visa beyond its limit (90-days).
  • It is important to clearly indicate the tasks you are to perform during your visit. All elements of the work to be performed must be explained in detail.
  • In the case of education or training, you must state in details about what the course content is and what equipment you will be working on.
  • It is important that you give a full and detailed description of the reasons for your stay in Denmark.

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