Denmark Visa

Denmark Visa From Dubai

Denmark is one of the countries in the European Union and one of its most active members when it comes to recruiting skilled workers from all over the world. The immigration policy of Denmark, which is similar to that of the United Kingdom skilled migrant program, uses a point-based system that is referred to as the Danish Green Card Scheme Visa and its purpose is to draw in skilled workers from other countries outside the European Union. Apart from the Denmark Skilled migrant visa, Denmark also have a work visa system referred to as the Positive List Scheme which applies to people with job offers from Danish employers.

The Danish Green Card

After the applicants’ submit the Denmark visa application, they are required to score enough points. These points are usually based on work experience, language skills, educational background and age. With enough points, the applicant can obtain a 3 year residence permit with the Danish Green Card scheme visa and is allowed to live in Denmark and find job. In this scheme, the job offer that applies for the work visa is not required.

The Positive List

The positive list comprises of particular occupations in Denmark which are currently suffering from lack of skilled workers. Migrants with skills in any of these occupations can obtain a work and residence permit after meeting all Denmark visa requirements to migrate to Denmark.

The Pay Limit Scheme

A job offer from a Denmark-based employer that pays over DKK 375,000 (approx. 80,000), qualifies the applicant for a work and residence permit in Denmark via the Pay Limit Scheme.


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