Denmark Skilled Worker Visa Application From Dubai

Denmark Skilled Worker Visa Application From Dubai

More and more people are considering in migrating to Denmark to pursue a successful career, pursue studies or invest. There are a lot of young students and qualified skilled workers from around the world who were welcomed by Danish Immigration to work, study and live in the country. Denmark offers a number of impressive opportunities for skilled workers from around the globe including Dubai.

Denmark is needing foreign skilled workers who can support and contribute to their economy. There are a number of ways a skilled migrant can migrate to Denmark. Denmark is one of the perfect place to work and live in Europe.


Danish Green Card Scheme is allowing foreign skilled workers to live and work in the country. An applicant must need to achieve a certain points to qualify and be eligible. These points will be based on the applicants profile such as age, skills, occupation, language and a number of factors more. If an applicant was able to score 100 points, then, he is qualified to obtain a Resident Permit which will be valid for 18 months. The visa holder can as well bring his family in Denmark.


Denmark Visa application can be quite a little painful and confusing to be successful. If you are seeking for a help from experienced and Denmark Immigration Experts in Dubai, Permits and Visas will help you from every single detail of the visa application. Our Denmark Immigration Consultants will help aspirants skilled workers to migrate to Denmark with our professional services.

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