DENMARK Immigration Information

Denmark Immigration Information

To make it more competitive and contribute to Denmark’s economy, Denmark has implemented many Immigration programs to attract foreign migrants who are skilled and has the qualification to work in the country. The most popular among the programs is the Danish Green Card Scheme which is a points based system and scores will be based on the applicants’ language ability, educational attainment, work experience and other related factors. The occupation industry must be in the list of labour shortage or at least in the Positive List of occupations for Denmarl.

The Denmark Positive List includes occupations in the area of education, sales, marketing, social works, religious works, telecommunications and It related occupations. If you think you are eligible for a Denmark Visa and you have a job offer from a Denmark company, you have the best chance to get a Danish Green Card Scheme or Residence Permit.

The families of the visa holder or the Green Card holder may also be sponsored to live and work in Denmark.

You can also be qualified to work and live in Denmark through the Pay Limit Scheme where in a Denmark employer is willing to pay you 375 ooo in Denmark currency per year.

Danish Green Card, Pay Limit Scheme and Positive List are some of the programs that could grant you a Denmark Work and Residency Permits which you can use to stay in Denmark for 3 years with extension up to 4 years.


To inquire more about the Denmark Visas and Danish Green Card Scheme Visa, call Permits and Visas today. Know if you will qualify for a Denmark Visa and know about Denmark Visa application details and requirements. Ask for a Free Visa Assessment today.