Danish Green Card Application From UAE

Danish Green Card Application From UAE

Danish Green Card will allow the visa holder to obtain a Resident Permit to be able to seek for work and live in Denmark. The Work Permit and Resident Permit can be obtained under the Green Card Scheme, which is a points based system where in applicant will be assessed based on points.

There is no required Work Permit for Denmark if you are allocated a Resident Permit under this Danish Green Card Scheme. The Permit Holder will be able to work and live in the country under this scheme but will not be allowed to put up his own business.

What are the Criteria under Green Card Scheme?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Danish Green Card is based on points. An applicant will need to gather at least 100 points to be able to apply for a Danish Green Card. These points will be based on your language skills, your work background, your educational attainment, age and a few more key factors.


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