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Permits and Visas value its customer that is why we make sure we only provide the quality service you deserve. We have gathered actual reviews from our successful clients as well as their feedback about our services. Become one of the successful immigration visa applicant with the help of Permits and Visas in Dubai. Let our Immigration Consultants handle the hassle for you.


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I am the happiest at this stage of my life! Thank you so much Permits and Visas. It was a best experience working with your team of Immigration Consultants and case manager. I felt very at ease and confident as I knew Permits and Visas will go across my situation and application. Moving to Canada in a few months to start a better life. – Bharti

New Zealand Work Visa (1)

Thank you so much Permits and Visas team for helping and assisting me in obtaining a New Zealand Work Visa. Finally, I will be able to migrate to New Zealand and start a new life there. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends! – Apurva Pathak

Successful Application 3

My dream of entering Spain now has come true! With your team’s assistance and guidance, I can now start a new life and plan for a better future. Thank you much Permits and Visas! I will always be grateful for your efforts. – Zaheeer Mohammed

Successful Application 2 (1)

I am so grateful to have been approved for Ukraine Visit Visa with the help of Permits and Visas. Your team is awesome! – Aleksander

Successful Visa Application 1


Thank you so much Permits and Visas in Dubai for helping me reach my dream of having a Denmark Visa. I will sure recommend you for a job well done! Keep up the very good work! – Alexi Majdalany

Application Success

Thank you so much Permits and Visas team for helping me obtain my dream Australian Visa! You are the best!


Adam and his team guided us through a successful visa application process, and due to his professional and thorough approach this was a relatively stress-free exercise.
Questions we had before taking a consulting service from them, were answered promptly and thoroughly, and Kristy provided reassurance whenever needed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Permits and Visas. and My Reviews for are very positive.
Very Happy, Thanks



Hi guys,
Just writing to recommend migration Angels. We worked with kirsty and she was fantastic. I we hadn’t had her help we would have missed so many things. Here’s quickly why I like them:

For our visa in 6 months (the average is 9 months according to Australian government) Super cheap compared to the others we looked at Patiently answered our constant emails asking “how much longer”
Super lovely and explained in detail the whole process Sent everything on our behalf (cause we were traveling)

Took the hassle out of it.

I highly recommend them and we will be contacting Kristy again to help with our next step – marriage visa!

All the best,

More Customer Reviews for Permits and Visas

Great company, would recommend. They helped me fill out all the daunting paperwork and answered any questions I had, very professional and friendly throughout. Thank you once again for all your help.


The outstanding support that I got from Permits and visas. They were very cooperative and supportive and process my application in a timely manner and professional, manner. They have done a great impressive way of coordination to achieve what exactly I expected. Appreciated on Permits and visas reviews..

Ranjeet Mohan

I cannot begin to tell you how superb the services of Permits and Visas were, you will probably think it is hype. I got a very excellent service right from the telephone conversation through to the visa application and supplying of data needed to back up my immigration method. I have had past experience with other visa agencies but had little luck. With Permits and Visas, our 189 visa was ready within 4 months and for me, that was exceptional. Thank you so much for the good service. I recommend this service to everyone. You just need to pay them a visit.

Rohan Malik


I am very excited to share my personal experience with Permits and Visas Consultant. Permits and Visas help me a lot and i must need to say Thank you so much for all your help in my Canada Visa!  You made me feel confident and took away many worries, also helped explain each stage of the application process. I appreciate all your help and would recommend you to everyone we know.

Rohit Vohra

The truth is that getting a visa can be a really daunting task. However, with Permits and Visas, things got really easy for me.

Rajvinder Singh

During my partnership with Permits and Visas, I realized that gaining entry into a country is a process that can be easy and fast. You just need to know the right people.

Anupama Shukla

I think that the aspect I particularly love about Permits and Visas has to be their customer service. Those people are really patient and welcoming.

Surinder Biswas

Permits and Visas is an accredited company and with the knowledge of that fact, my fears were instantly alleviated. They are really professional and their work processes are extremely thorough. I had no issues working with them at all.

Amrik singh

When I wanted to travel to Singapore, I had no idea what to do or who to even meet. I was basically lost. However, I found Permits and Visas and their efficiency really impressed me.

Sagar Rahman

I came to Canada looking for a fresh start. However, looking for a job was quite difficult. All of this changed when Imet Permits and Visas. Thank for all your help.

Varun Singh

I’ll definitely recommend Permits and Visas to anyone looking for a job. They are patient, efficient, and highly skilled at what they do.

Sunil Malik

No matter what, I’m gratified by the fact that I can always contact Permits and Visas and they can just as easily fix me up with a good job.

Krinal Roy

My field of expertise is really complicated. When I moved to the UK, I thought I’d never get a good job in quite a while. However, Permits and Visas came on board and they got me one within a matter of weeks.

Disha Rai

Permits and Visas were able to save me the time I’d have otherwise wasted on going for interviews and all. Good job all round.

Rajinder Singh

Personally, I’m not a fan of going around and submitting applications here and there. This is why I was more than happy to work with Permits and Visas. I got a wide array of options and all I had to do was pick the one I preferred. Their services are time-efficient, they save a lot of effort, and they definitely now what they’re doing.

Amarish Prasad

I have never visited your office, which may surprise many. But the truth is I never needed to! From day one, your conversations with me over the phone have been open, honest and straightforward. You communicated with me over the phone and via email in a timely and prompt manner and you provided superb service. You prepared me for my interview so that I would not have any difficulty in getting my immigration. You are our life long immigration professional. Hats off to your professionalism and attention to detail.

Petris Amino

I salute the level of professionalism you have shown in our immigration application. Your firm embodies the two most important principles of good management, Professional excellence and Personal accountability. You accompanied us to our immigration interview in London, UK. Without your presence we would not have been so well-prepared to face the immigration officer and reply to all those difficult questions. In you, we have found not only a good immigration professional but a lifelong friend. Thank you

Aexy Lertik