CRITERIA FOR Denmark Green Card

Criteria For Danish Green Card

Denmark’s Danish Green Card will allow you to obtain a Residence Permit and look for work and live in Denmark. The Denmark Green Card is granted on the basis of the applicant’s score based on the evaluation.

If you have been granted a Residence Visa under the Danish Green Card, you will no need to have a work permit separately. You may now live and work in Denmark with a Residence permits under the Denmark Green Card Scheme. But this is not allowed for business who are self employed.

Denmark’s Selection Criteria for Danish Green Card Scheme?

The Green Card issuance is based on the point system. You are required to score at least 100 on your language skills, work experiences, educational attainment, age and your adaptability. Then you will be eligible to be granted a Danish Green Card.


Danish Green Card Point System

What are the Benefits of Having a Danish Green Card

  1. You can travel in and out of Denmark and move all across the country as well as the rest of the Schengen countries without needing a Visa
  2. You can apply for a Denmark Permanent Residency if you qualify for some conditions.
  3. Your family can live and work or study in Denmark with you once you get settled.


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