Permits and Visas Consumer Complaints


I’ll like to thank Permits and Visas for all that they’ve done for me, but I really wish that they could speed up their processes. It wasn’t really easy for me to wait for them to help in complete the visa application process

Prachi Panwala

I understand the fact that Germany are very strict with things like work permits and visa acquisition, but still think that something needs to be done. I waited a long time to get my German visa and when I eventually did, I wasn’t really interested in going there any longer

Ali Majumdar

I feel that although the people at Permits and Visas are really doing a good job, they could upgrade on their customer service. I called them a lot of times and their number never seemed to go through

Yagnik Vora

I will also like to lodge a complaint abbot the customer service at Permits and Visas. Due to the fact that they’ve been getting more and more customers, they have become really busy. So I’ll recommend that they do something about answering people. They’ll be getting a lot of calls and I feel that they should have a way of answering them more effectively

Ketki Zaved

I won’t really blame Permits and Visas for my visa application being delayed because I understand how busy they are. However, I’ll like to recommend that they do better with speed and accuracy, especially when it comes to visa applications.

Nazir Usman

Permits and Visas are really effective in their work. However, there seems to be a lot of steps to go through and they are not exactly the easiest people to just contact whenever you need help

Aliya Sajid

My experience with Permits and Visas was not exactly the fairytale I thought it will be. There were days when I just got tired of the many steps involved in placing orders and they were not always available.

Margallo Joanne

I feel that Permits and Visas should be able to make the job search and work permit acquisition processes more streamlined and effective, especially to certain countries that get a high influx of potential foreign workers on a yearly basis.

Happy Shetty

Thank you Permits and Visas for helping me obtain permanent residency. I know my case was quite complicated so my visa application being delayed but I won’t really blame Permits and Visas for my visa application. However, I trusted you right from the start and was sure that if anyone could help me, it would be you. I am now prospering in my new country of residence, thanks to you.

Nitu Singh

Permits and Visas are really effective in their work. first day of my enquiry, I wasn’t disappointed. An extremely professional team who guide and take you through the entire process. They tell you your best options and are there to support every step of the way.They give you regular reminders so that you don’t miss a deadline and help you in every way possible.

Sheila Nanda