Permits and Visas Complaints Board

Complaints and Concerns About Our Services

Permits and Visas understands that despite our staff’s best efforts and services, there will still be situations which do not go according to plans. We have a team of Quality Assurance people who make sure every concern is investigated and all our services are being monitored. We suggest that you discuss with our team about your worries and concerns. We have case managers and branch managers who can solve the issues for you.

You can file a complaint by email us at Our staff will respond to your concern within 24 hours.

Complaints About Our Staff

Permits and Visas team of Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Case Managers are professional and well trained to assist you. We always carry out our best in every way we can. For concerns about our staff, you can reach us anytime at the email mentioned above.

We value your feedback and complaints and are important to us. This will help us learn and improve what we do. We will act on your concern about our staff and will make necessary investigation forwarded to the Complaint Manager. Our complaint manager will get in touch with you and offer you a solution. We make sure that we read all your emails about complaints and feedback and we make sure it reaches the right people in the management.

If in any case, you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you by the Complaints Manager, we will refer you to the Board Directors for the complaint review. Our staff will then re-investigate and make sure that any issues are resolved.

Feel free to send us an email about your feedback and Permits and Visas Reviews, complaints about our services, complaints about our staff and as well as compliments to our services and staff

To email a complaint direct to the board of directors, send mail to: