Canadians Positive View on Immigration

Canadians Positive View on Immigration

Not many countries are like Canada and not many people are like Canadians. Canada is one of the best countries in the world and its people are one of the nicest on the face of the earth. While a handful of countries have immigration policies, how the citizens view immigration is a different matter entirely. While other nations of the world are busy embracing anti-immigrant sentiments and policies, such as it obtains in the United States and parts of Europe, Canada is busy looking for new ways to bring in migrants and Canadians love this. As a matter of fact, 8 out of 10 Canadians believe it is the surest way of boosting the nation’s economy.

A new study conducted showed that Canadians disagree with the notion that immigration levels are too high. They believe that immigration controls are effective in making sure criminals are kept out of the country. The data from this study was revealed by the Environics Institute and Canadian Race Relations Foundation. This study was conducted between 3rd and 16th of October.

One of the questions asked in the study, “Is growing international racism and Xenophobia catching cold in Canada or emboldening Canadians to more explicitly express their politically incorrect views which were previously suppressed?” The results released by the survey showed that the public opinion to this questions was a NO. Other studies showed that Canadians hardly express worries about immigrants not adopting Canadian vales with 9 out of 10 people confirming that someone who is born elsewhere is just as likely to become a good citizen as someone who is born in Canada.

In the past, there has been political rabbles about safeguarding Canadian Values from threats that are perceived by political leaders of perspective parties. However, many Canadians don’t seem to share this view as most believe immigration is good for the economy and there seems to be increased confidence in how the country manages refugees and potential criminal elements in the country. If there was any country Canadians wouldn’t want migrants from, it is Syria with 36% of 2000 respondents expressing worry over too many Syrians and this is because of the ongoing terrorist activities of the ISIS.

These findings come handy as John McCallum, the Immigration Minister, is about to anoounce the immigration plans for the nearest future. There are hopes of substantial increase in immigration numbers.


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