Canadian Skilled Migration & Work Permits

Canadian Skilled Migration and Work Permits

Before migrating to any foreign country, it is really very important for a skilled worker to know the difference between skilled migration and work permits. There is a major difference between these two kinds of migration. The migration of any skilled worker is dependent on the difference between these two migration types. Once a worker knows the difference between these two, there will be no confusion in his/her mind and he/she will be able to migrate to foreign country really very easily. Here is the difference between the two-

Skilled Migration

  • The skilled migration allows the worker to grab a job on the basis of his/her skills.
  • A skilled worker can get a job only when he/she is able to proof his skills to the company or the employer.
  • A skilled worker might not need to be highly qualified for the skilled migration to any country.
  • The visa process for the skilled migration is really very easy and the visa process doesn’t take much time in the process.
  • It depends from country to country that whether a country accepts the skilled migration or the work permit.

Work Permit Visa

  • It is a mere misconception that work permit is issued by the employer. It is a written document and it is being issued by the Government of any country.
  • This legal document allows the skilled worker to work in any country under a specific employer only.
  • The skilled worker will have to be educated so that he/she can converse well with the local residents of foreign country.
  • The visa process doesn’t take much time in visa application process.


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