Government Recommends Massive Increase to Immigration to Canada

Canadian Government Recommends Massive Increase to Immigration

An external advisory group to the Canadian government is set to ask for a substantial increase in the overall immigration numbers to the country. The Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which is saddled with the task to advise the federal minister Bill Morneau, has plans underway to call for a 50% increase in the immigration numbers, which will bring the numbers to about 450,000 received migrants on an annual basis, over a 5 year period. Also, the advisory group will suggest that entrepreneurs and skilled workers be given easier entry into Canada.

The external advisors have reckoned that immigration helps to stimulate the economy over short and long terms. The 14-member group is made up of institutional investors, academics, venture capitalists and business executives. The recommendations are planned to be delivered to the government on the 20th of October.  If this suggestion gets implemented, the advisory group will proceed on what it already commenced since it started operations about a year ago. Only last month, it was shown that immigration numbers for the last year were the highest in the history of Canada immigration with about 320,932 new migrants welcomed into the country as permanent residents within the period of July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. This is about a third higher than what obtained in the previous year which only accounted for 240,844 migrants.

The federal minister of Canada immigration has made it clear that there are plans to increase the number of new immigrants to Canada substantially in order to cater for labor shortages as well as react to the demographic challenges that may be resulting from aging populations. Also, the current ruling party, the Liberal Party of Canada, is a government seen as supportive of immigration, multiculturalism and diversity as this government has facilitated the smooth arrival of skilled workers, refugees and entrepreneurs from all across the globe.

Also, the advisory group has noted that many of the stakeholders in the IT and tech sector are complaining about the current migration to Canada procedure which, according to them, causes hiring delays and at times, missing out of quality staff. Their opinion is that the government should make it easier for them to recruit skilled staff by reviewing the immigration procedures for obtaining visas to Canada for IT and tech migrants to work in Canada. The advisory group is therefore calling that the IT and tech occupations be exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which is the major cause of delays in the immigration process. The LMIA is what ensures that Canadian citizens and permanent residents that are suitable cannot be found for the position that is being thrown open to foreign nationals.


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