Canada's Most Beautiful Places

Canada’s Most Beautiful Places

Do you have plans to migrate to Canada? Canada is one of the nicest countries to be on earth. The inspiring scenery and the lovely cities charging with a welcoming atmosphere makes Canada one of the hot spots for tourists from across the world. Being the largest nation in North America, Canada enjoys a massive landmass which includes majestic mountains, tranquil forests, spacious prairies, spectacular coastlines and the Arctic tundra. Although much of the nation residents are British and French descent, Canada is still one of the most multicultural communities of the world. Before obtaining visas to Canada, you might want to check out the 5 most beautiful cities in Canada.

  • Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. It is located between the hills of the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Prairies. Since when oil was discovered nearby Calgary in the 1900s, this city has boomed and grown into one of the largest metropolitan areas in Canada, attracting thousands yearly into the world famous rodeo event known as the Calgary Stampede. Should you be thinking of job opportunities in Canada, Calgary is one of those places with plenty of it.

  • Ottawa

Situated at the confluence of the Ottawa, Rideau rivers in the South-Eastern Ontario and Gatineau, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Just like any other national capital, Ottawa is home to many commercial and federal establishments, including the Parliament Hill which is the seat of government where ceremonial changing of the Guard is held every summer. Situated right in the center of the city is the Rideau Canal which is Ottawa’s star attraction. During winter, this canal turns into one of the world’s largest skating rink.

  • Whistler

When it’s about spectacular mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb gives the backdrop to the Whistler resort which is one of the largest and most famous alpine ski destinations of North America. It is situated in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia and it’s just about 2 hour drive from Vancouver along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Below these two mountains are 3 quaint villages known as the Upper Village, the Creekside and the Whistler Village. There are also many Workabroad Canada opportunities for those who might be looking for job opportunities.

  • Vancouver

The Vancouver City was named after the British explorer, George Vancouver. The city is the largest island off the West Coast of North American Continent. It is located across Washington State and can be assessed by ferry through the San Juan Islands from Anacrotes, Port Angeles or from Vancouver on mainland British Colombia.

  • Quebec City

The Quebec City is one of the favourite destinations for expats. This city has given plenty of Canadian permanent residency visa to expats, giving them the opportunity to work and live in the Quebec Province.

The Quebec City is the Capital of the Quebec Province, found in Eastern parts of Canada. Its architecture and French heritage as well as language makes it appear more like one of the charming European villages in the world. The city’s historic district, the Vieux Quebec, is carefully balanced on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River. The city’s icon is the Stunning Chateau Frontenac, which is regarded as the most photographed hotel in the whole of North America. This hotel offers tours to all even without an overnight stay.


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