Are you qualified to work in Canada?Are you qualified to work in Canada?Are you qualified to work in Canada


Every year a lot of aspirants file Canada visa applications for Canada work visa. However a lot of them get rejected on the grounds of insufficient information or incapability to be eligible for the Canada work permit Visa.

Canada attracts large number of applicants because of its health, education, civic system in place. The government is people friendly and they encourage to migrate to Canada the most under Canada skilled migrant visa as they are facing acute shortage in some occupations. Every country has different set of eligibility criteria and Canada work permit visa requirement should be thoroughly acknowledged by you before applying so that there is no regret later on to come and work to your favorite destination.

What you must know before getting Canada work permit

Below mentioned are some initial start points you might find useful:

  • An assessment will be done by the various authorities to check your credentials
  • Once your credentials are approved, you can work in your desired occupation
  • In case of rejection, you can study and can attain the required qualification to get your dream job

Canada offers two categories of jobs to work in:

  1. Regulated Jobs

Regulated jobs consists of professions like doctors, nurses, teachers, public health and safety etc. This type needs to confirm to a standard of practice. You might be needing some specific licenses or certificates to work under this category.

  1. Non-Regulated Jobs

Non regulated jobs are those which do not require any special certificate or license. It includes jobs like programmers, bookkeepers etc.

It is always good to so some research work before applying for any permits and visas as you may not want to be disappointed later on. A good consultant can help you pave a way to Canada express entry without much hassles and bumps. Fill out our free visa assessment form.