CANADA Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Canada Working Holiday Visa

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Are you a student on holidays or a professional who is on vacation and you want to make some more money while on holidays, the Canada working holiday visa is specifically designed for you.

If you your holidays is up to 12 months and you plan to spend it in Canada, you are welcome to submit a Canada visa application for the Working Holiday visa. This is a Canada Express entry visa as there are no bottlenecks of processes while applying. If you have all the Canada visa requirements for this visa, you will be granted without delay.

With the working holiday visa, you are required to:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age. Some countries’ nationals are allowed to be up to 35.
  • Be a citizen of any of the following countries
    • Australia, Belgium, Austria, Childe, Croatia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Italy, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Lithuania, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

If you are not from any of the countries listed above, your application to migrate to Canada via a Working holiday visa may not be considered.

The benefits of this visa include:

  • Eligibility to travel multiple entry within one year
  • Work in any region you choose in Canada for up to 4 years
  • Eligibility to ask for extension
  • Eligibility to switch this visa into a Permanent residency visa

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Canadian working holiday visa will allow you to migrate to Canada. Know your eligibility for Work Permits and the benefits of it with Permits and Visas Immigration Experts.

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