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For skilled workers and professionals with relevant education, work experience, at right age and has English language proficiency are the ones who are successful acquiring a permanent residence visa in Canada.


To qualify for Canada Immigration Permanent Resident Visa, Canadian Federal Skilled Worker or Professionals, applicants must have the following qualifications:

1. Must have one (1) year, at least, of continuous full time work experience in the previous ten (10) years in one of the qualifying professions or positions, or
2. Qualified for employment with a full time job that is permanent from any of the eligible Canadian employer

Canadian Work Permit Visa Applicants must obtain at least sixty seven (67) points according to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) immigration selection criteria such as:

  • EDUCATION – This factor can be awarded to the applicant with up to 25 points
  • LANGUAGE – This is up to 24 points
  • WORK EXPERIENCE – You can be awarded up to 21 points in this criteria. At least a minimum of 15 points is a must.
  • AGE – 10 points for this factor
  • ARRANGED EMPLOYMENT – Applicants can get up to 10 points in this criteria
  • ADAPTABILITY – Up to 10 points for this factor

Having enough financial support is also an important factor as well as to your dependents after you arrive in Canada.

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