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Canada is one of the beautiful destinations for foreign immigrants and is home for some of the most top tourist places in the world such as the Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains that is why more and more people are visiting Canada every year for tour or pleasure or for business purposes. To visit Canada, you most likely be required for a Canadian Visit Visa unless you are holding a passport where visa is exempted.

For a Visit Visa Canada or commonly known also as Temporary Residence Visa, you will be allowed to enter Canada for up to six months. It can be either for the reason of visiting some friends, family members, a training, or a business meeting.


To obtain one, you must

Canada requires that you show them that you have sufficient ties to your home country and that you are a genuine visitor either for business or pleasure. We will start your application by compiling your supporting documents and by evidencing and demonstrating the reasons why you are going to Canada and what ties you have to prove your return.

Next we will submit your application at your local consulate under the appropriate sub class.

If you are not entirely sure where to go and what to do to begin your application for a visit visa to Canada, we can help. If all goes well, the visa that you apply for will allow you temporary residence in the country and let you visit in Canada.

The Canada Visit Visa allows you to visit Canada for business, pleasure or spend time with family members, apply with PERMITS and VISAS

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PermitsandVisas has been hugely instrumental in securing our skilled migration visa for Canada – If we had chosen someone less talented I’ve no doubt we wouldn’t be sitting here today ready to go to Canada! From the start their visa agents explained the whole process clearly and what we’d need to provide and how to get it. Thanks Pnv team.
Sukhdev Santoki Qatar

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