Student Visa Canada

Canada offers a fantastic system for education for English and French and it has a number of Universities that are well known worldwide. More and more people are considering in studying in Canada each year and once you graduate, you are given the chance to stay in the country and obtain a Canadian Work Permit.

For you to be able to study in Canada, you need to obtain a Canadian Student Visa and you have to be accepted from one of the universities or educational institution in Canada.

You may refer to some of the steps you must take to obtain one:

  • You have to decide on your preferred course and school or university
  • You have to submit your application to the school or institution
  • You have to receive your electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE)
  • You have to meet the Academic requirements.
  • You have to meet the English proficiency requirements.
  • You have to have evidence of funds to support your study in Canada.

In addition to that, you will also need to show and prove that your course is in progression of your studies.


If you are planning to study in Canada, Permits and Visas‘ team of Canadian Immigration Experts are always here to assist you. We will help you entirely on where to study and how to begin with your Canada Student Visa Application.

The Canada Student Visa will allowyou to study in Canada in either a undergraduate or graduate course. You may also apply to for a short term English Language course if you want to.

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Canada Visa FAQs

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