Quebec Skilled Worker Visa for Canada

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa for Canada

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Canada

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Live and work in Canada with the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Canada. The Visa eligibility for a Permanent Residence Visa is based on 5 categories.

  1. Age
  2. Occupation
  3. Work Experience
  4. Educational Background
  5. English Proficiency

This type of visa can lead you to having a Canadian Citizenship.

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa 2 Streams

  1. Federal skilled worker program
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker.

These both programs can allow you to permanently work and live in Canada.


Quebec program will also allow you to have a Canadian Passport and is a Permanent Residence Visa from  your arrival.

1) List of Areas of Training

Quebec accepts any type of occupation. It has no shortage list and anyone can be eligible to apply. Quebec however have a list of training areas which you can take to further your points. It can be vocational or academic.

2) Points Assessment

You have to gather at least 55 points. Yes, that’s right the point score is actually less then the federal program. Same as the federal program point system, your score will be based on  your age, work experience, education, French and English language proficiency. You can gather more points if you have any close relatives living in Quebec or if you have worked or study in Canada or Quebec before. You can also earn extra points if you have visited Canada before.

3) Immigration Application

Once you have gathered all the necessary scores and supporting documents required, we will then submit your application. You will then just sit back and wait for your departure.


Permits and Visas makes processes easy for you. Our Immigration Consultants will only submit your application when we are sure 100% that you qualify to apply.

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa allows those who are highly skilled to migrate permanently to Canada to work and live.

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Programme is for investments and business start ups in a particular province in Canada.

Express Entry Skilled Migration to Canada is a point based Visa system that is specially designed for international skilled workers who are looking to migrate to Canada to work and live with their families. Applicants must meet all the requirements and must file an express entry profile in the pool of applicants.

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We just want to thank you & your team for making it possible to get our Permanent Residency in Canada! It is such a relief & wonderful feeling,knowing we are now residents of Canada, a wonderful country!
Dilsukh Dubey Bahrain

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