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Canada Permanent Residency
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The Canada Skilled Migrant Visa has been put in place by the Canadian government to help foreign nationals migrate to Canada easily. The Highly Skilled program is specifically targeted at migrants with highly desirable and employable skills and/or experience in Canada. Anyone who is successful with this Canada visa application can obtain a Canada work visa and residency permit to both work and live in Canada permanently.

The Canada visa requirements are point-based, using a range of factors to calculate points for the applicant automatically. The higher an applicants’ point in the system, the better their chances of getting a visa. Points are calculated based on age, job experience, educational background and qualifications, language proficiency and adaptability. For any applicant to be eligible, they must have at least 67 points.

Canada is beautiful place to get paid for your skills. Not many countries pay professionals their worth. In Canada, you are guaranteed a remuneration that is better than what obtains in most countries. Canada boasts of a well-developed education system and a Health Care System that is highly acclaimed world-wide. There are plenty of skilled jobs for every skilled individual too. Experts have projected that there will be a shortfall of skilled labor in Canada to the tune of 3 million by year 2020. This is why Canada is open to everyone who is skilled. This is actually the best time to apply for a Canada skilled Migrant visa as applicants are guaranteed of faster placements than when there is less need for skilled workers.

Occupations for Permanent Residency under Skilled Migration

To be able to get a Permanent Residence Visa, you must apply under any Skilled Migration Programs of Canada. Occupations such as Civil Engineers, accountants, account managers, financial controller, tax manager, internal auditor, finance director, architect, finance manager, engineers, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, aeronautical engineer, marine engineer, electrical engineer, engineering project manager, biomedical engineer, petroleum engineer, safety engineer, structural engineer, network engineer, it manager, systems analyst, systems administrator, it project manager, bank manager, quality manager, logistics manager, lawyer, nurse, licensed nurse, registered nurse, doctors, registered nurses, general practitioner, pharmacists, chemists, geologists, HR managers, marketing specialists, marketing managers, professors, lecturers, teachers and a lot more.

Fins out if your occupation is listed on the Canada Skilled Migration Program for Permanent Residency. Contact our Immigration Consultants Today for a Free Visa Consultation.

These are just some of the many factors and perks having a Canada Skilled Migrant Visa. If you need help in Canadian Visa Applications, contact one of our immigration professionals today and get a free assessment based on the latest laws, rules and regulations and requirements. Permits and Visas team are here to assist you in acquiring a Canadian Visa hassle free.


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