Canada Family Visa

Canada Family Visa

Canada is known for the country’s breathtaking views, environment, dynamic culture and strong economy. Canada has opened its territory for millions of people around the world who wish to have a better life and work and live in Canada with their families.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada via Skilled Migrant Visa, as a Family Relative or through a Business Program, Canada is providing a number of opportunities for you and your family. The country offers a number of benefits to its people especially with it health care programs and world renowned education. You may also be eligible for a Canadian Citizenship within 3 years of staying in the country, one of the most sought after destinations in the world.


For faster and hassle-free Canadian Visa Application, Permits and Visas‘ team of Immigration Experts are here to check and assess your application and confirm your eligibility before you even become one of our clients. Our team will assess if you qualify on the latest criteria Canadian Immigration is requiring. Call one of our Immigration Managers and know if you qualify for a Canada Family Visa.

Canada is offering a number of ways for foreign families to work and live in Canada and obtain a Canadian Citizenship. Settle permanently in Canada through a Canada Working Spouse Visa or a Fast Canadian Visa which is sponsored by a spouse or your common law partner in Canada.

Customer Testimonial

"I was referred to Permitsandvisas by two friends who had used their services to help them migrate to Canada 2 years previously. I had limited time as I turned 40 the same year as I applied. Permit and Visas couldn’t have been better. I first spoke to them in January 2011 and had my permanent residency visa by September 2011. They was very supportive throughout. Explained each stage of the process thoroughly. I was able to contact them directly if I had any problems or concerns and found them to be very honest, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Permit and Visas also helped to locate employment opportunities. I would highly recommend Permit and Visas to anyone wishing to migrate to Canada."
Mishra Krunal Dubai

Canada Visa FAQs

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