How long can a work permit be issued for and is it extendable?

Canada work permits are issued depending upon the occupation you are in and the category under which it has been granted. Work permits can be extended within the country however some permits may have a fixed maximum duration beyond which it cannot be extended.

Does an individual entering Canada to work will be required for a visitor’s visa?

If you are holding work permit, then besides it you will need a Temporary Resident Visa unless the country you belong to is under the visa-exempt list. TRV is to be applied for at the Canadian visa office taking care of matters for your country of citizenship or the country you have lawfully entered into.

Can I change my current employers on the same work permit?

As per the rule work permits and visas are issued for a specific employer. A new work permit should be applied for if you change your employer. In case of an open work permit the worker can change employer without reapplying. Open work permits are exceptions available to spouses of certain work permit holders, the spouses of foreign students in Canada, asylum seekers, in-land sponsored family members, and destitute students in Canada making it the way for Canada express entry

Do I need a medical assessment to apply for work permit?

A medical examination is required and essential before commencing work in an occupation in which protection of the public health is a priority. If the job offer exceeds six months, depending on your country of residence, you may need to take a medical assessment prior to approval of your work permit

Can my spouse and children migrate to Canada with me?

Yes, your spouse or common law partner and dependent children can migrate with you to Canada. Your children may need a study permit to attend school or college in Canada

How much fees does the Canadian Government charge to obtain a work permit?

Fees of CAD 150 per work permit is charged by the Canadian Government. Additional fees will have to be paid if a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is also required.

What are the advantages of hiring an attorney?

Most of the times business opportunities are relevant for a short period of time and for that reason having a legal representative in Canada with special expertise in the area of work permits is an efficient way to proceed.

Please note that, while your qualifications are the main factor in granting the work permit, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Officer’s decision play a crucial role in the final outcome of your case. Under Canadian immigration regulations, CIC Officers are given a lot of power in approval of your work permit application.

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