Canada Skilled Visas for Indians and Filipinos in Dubai (1)

Canada Skilled Visas for Indians and Filipinos in Dubai


What are the Benefits of Skilled Migrant Visas?

There are 2 major stages in the Skilled Migrant Visa to Canada from Dubai for Filipinos and Indians.


You must be in the Skills Shortage List of Canada. Canada needs people who are skilled. Canada issued an Occupation List with classification for the different types of occupations and skills for foreign skilled migrants from all over the world. To be able to apply for Skilled Migration for Canada, you need to be in the list. You can give us a call or schedule a Free Assessment and we can look for your occupation if it is in the list.


This has a points based system and applicants must meet the required number of score to be able to apply resident visa for Canada. The points will be based on your age, your educational attainment, your work experience and other factors. You can earn extra points if you have relatives in Canada or you have studied in the country or if you have previously worked in the country before.


We will conduct a Free Comprehensive Visa Assessment for you. You will then be assessed based on your educational credentials, work experiences and English ability. If we found out that you have skills needed in Canada, we will move on to the next step of the visa application.

If we have determine that you are qualified for Canada Immigration Visa, we will submit your application under the Canadian Immigration laws and regulations.

Contact our Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai to know more about your eligibility and qualification for a Skilled Migrant Visa.