Canada Relies on Immigrant Workers

Canada Relies on Immigrant Workers

According to statistics of the Canada Job Market, it is revealed that the Canadian job industry largely thrives on immigrants input. The figures reveal a sharp increase of immigrants with jobs over Canadians.

Ten years ago, immigrants only hold about 20 percent of the jobs in Canada. This figure has drastically increased by 5 percent. For the second time in recent times, Canada has recorded increase in the number of immigrants getting jobs whereas Canadians jobs shrank. This however doesn’t mean immigrants are taking away the jobs from Canadians, it only means that immigrants are helping to fill up the vacant positions left by the retiring workforce.

Canada doesn’t have enough workforce and as such skilled migrants are needed to fill in gaps that are left by the retirees. About 102,000 positions were left vacant last year and Canadians alone could not fill up that space, hence, the need for skilled migrants.

Alberta experienced recession along with all other oil producing countries and states in the world because of the falling oil prices and as such, witnessed lower entry of immigrants. Provinces like Vancouver and Toronto are witnessing the higher influx because job concentration is more there than in other cities of Canada.

Canada is still inviting skilled migrants to come join its workforce. For the year 2016, there are plans made for up to 300,000 immigrants and this number includes skilled migrants, professionals, family class and refugees as well.

The Canadian immigration directorate uses the Express Entry program to select and welcome all who are skilled or qualified to work in Canada.


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