Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The Canada Quebec Skilled Worker visa is one of the visa categories under the Canada Federal Skilled worker visa and is specific for French speaking immigrants who have chosen the Province of Quebec as where they will like to settle. If you are successful with this Canada visa:

  • You and your family are free to live in Quebec, Canada permanently
  • You and your family are free to study
  • You are entitled to subsidized healthcare benefits through the Medicare platform
  • You are eligible to sponsor family members for permanent residency in Canada
  • You are free to submit a request for Canadian citizenship

Please note that this visa is for those who want to migrate to Canada and live in the Quebec province. If you don’t intend to live in Quebec or if you are not proficient in French, you may not apply for the Quebec skilled worker visa as your Canada visa application will be denied by the consulate. Before you apply, feel free to take our online assessment of your profile. At Permits And Visas, we guarantee you a honest and reliable assessment that will show you whether you are eligible for the visa type you are applying for.

Requirements for the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The Canada visa requirements for the Quebec Skilled worker program includes:

  • Proof that you have passed the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test. This is an important part of the Canada Skilled Migrant visa program as every applicant must write the test.
  • Proof that you have passed the TEF (Test du Evaluation du Francais) test or the TEFaq (Test du Evaluation du Francais pour le Quebec) test.

Don’t worry about the test, our consultants at Permits And Visas will guide you on what to expect and what you need to score to pass the tests.