Needs More Highly Skilled Overseas Workers from dubai

Canada Needs More Highly Skilled Overseas Workers

Do you want to migrate to Canada? Are you looking for jobs in Canada from Dubai? This might interest you.

Recently, the Building Trades Union of Canada, a body that represents about half a million Canadian construction workers, has reportedly tendered some plans to the federal parliamentary committee that’s in charge of the popular Temporary Foreign Work Programme (TFWP). The plan is to allow more overseas people to come into Canada to take up highly skilled construction jobs.

For those who do not know, the TFWP allows recruiting agencies, recruiters and firms in Canada to employ overseas people mainly for the purpose of filling up temporary and skilled labour shortages in situations where no citizen or permanent resident cannot be found in the country to fill such position.

Allegedly, the TFWs has some incredible and genuine uses for foreign workers, thanks to the demographic matters one has with the 36 million people living in the Maple Leaf Country. The nation of Canada still lack enough people in the highly skilled class, which sometimes causes shutdowns and outages, particularly when such skills are needed most in areas such as construction.

Because of the increased in low-trained manpower under the preceding administration, the TFWP has to be reviewed to allow more skilled individuals into the country. Although there has been reported issues of misuse of the scheme by certain contractors who infringe on human rights, lowering employment standards and defying the labour code. They do this by paying lesser salaries for job opportunities in Canada to migrants, getting involved with unlawful brokers, employer scams and many has lost their jobs unnaturally because of this abuse to the TFWP.


This is a great opportunity for all who are skilled in construction. There are ready made jobs for you. All you need do is apply via the TFWP. For more information about this program, please contact us at Permits and Visas, one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, and we will answer all your questions. To do that, you can fill up our free assessment form, one of our agents will get back to your shortly afterwards.