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Canada Immigration Options from Dubai

Canada is one of the top place to live in the world based on the standard of living, the weather, environment, and other factors. Their health care is also one of the best systems in the world. Canadians have the access to the best health care available in the country. This applies to Permanent Residents as well. The Canadian education system is also one of the world renowned and top in the world. Education is free in Canada until the twelve grade and students of universities under permanent resident visa is just 1/4 of the regular fee.

Applicants can get Permanent Residence through the Express Entry System under one of the immigration programs below:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

Skilled people can apply for a Permanent Resident under this category. Applicants will be based on your work experience, age, and other factors as well as your possible contribution to the Canadian economy. Applicant must have at least 1 year experience as a skilled worker. To better understand the qualifications and this visa option, talk to one of our Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada.

2. Federal Skilled Trade Program

The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program is made for people who wants to become a permanent resident of Canada who are qualified and eligible for a full time employment in the country. Applicant must have at least 1 year offer of full time work issued by any of the provincial or territory of Canada. Offers can be from 2 companies.

3. Provincial Nominee Program

Canada’s territory and provinces has its own system for applicant nomination for Express Entry. They set their own minimum requirement for each province.


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