Migrate to Canada Skilled Professionals

Canada Immigration for Skilled Professionals

Canada, popularly known as the Maple Leaf Country, is always a good option of place to migrate to, should you be looking for greener pastures beyond your home country. Reckoned as one of the richest country among the nations of the world, Canada has one of the highest standards of living, one of the most stable economies and boasts of world class educational and healthcare standards. Yearly, this fine country opens its doors to several thousands of people from all across the world. With the launch of the Express Entry Visa program on 1st January, 2015, it only means that more people have the opportunity to gain entry into Canada.

The Express Entry program is a fast track path into Canada. It is specifically designed for individuals with desirable skills or work experience. The ideal candidate will be hired by a Canadian employer and then granted residence/work permits which allows them to work and live in Canada. In order to be eligible for this visa, all applicants are required to create an online profile, wherein personal details are filled in. This will be used to carry out an assessment. Some of the factors used in selection process include:

  • Age
  • Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Work Experience; and
  • Other factors that may be required in Canada

These factors are used to calculate point scores with the highest scoring candidates getting a chance to apply for Permanent Residence. Applicants who are successful will have only 60 days to submit a completed application profile online.


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