Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

There are many ways to Migrate to Canada. Some of the most popular of these all are : Canada Work Visa, Canada Express Entry, Canadian Visa, Canada work permit and Skilled immigrants Visa.

The express entry Visa is a very fast process that can provide you a Visa for a great standard of living in Canada in 6 months time only. The gist of the Express entry Visa can be explained in 3 steps :

  • The potential candidates who would like to apply for a permanent residence in Canada can register electronically. This is a fast process. When applying for an Express entry, it is mandatory to provide information about their skills, education, language ability and some other details. Work experience is always a plus.
  • After the application process, Canadian Government selects the candidates based on their credentials. After the selection, they are invited to apply for one of the Federal Immigration programs of these two :
  1. The Federal Skilled Workers Program
  2. The Federal Skilled Trades Program

In this step, each Canadian province is able to recruit based on their specific skill needs.

  • After having received an official employment contract from a Canadian employer, you will now be eligible for permanent residency in Canada.

The Canada Visa Application process is easy and can be completed in a short span of time. The Canada Visa Requirements need to be completed properly and the Canada Visa Dubai and Canada Visa UAE Permits and Visas process can be made risk free and easy by seeking the help of a consultancy as they guide you every step of the way. The Canada express entry is a fast, reliable and great method to be ahead of the curve and secure a Visa to move to Canada – a place with a lot of opportunities.