Canada Express Entry Makes It Easier For You To Qualify

Canada Express Entry Makes It Easier For You To Qualify

The Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points required from any applicant who has been placed in the Express Entry pool and is hoping to qualify for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the Permanent Residence Permit has been reduced by one more point. This reduction took place in the latest draw conducted in June 1 which is the second of its kind in recent times. The previous draw was in May 19 2016 and it required applicants to have at least 484 points in order to be called to apply. The draw before this one set the required point at 534.

From the above, it becomes obvious that to Migrate to Canada from Dubai, you do not really need very high scores as it used to be. With just 483 points, you could be well on your way to receiving your PR visa. However, on your own, except you are experienced in visa applications, you may not be able to successfully sum up the scores. This is why you need the help of Canada immigration consultant in Dubai to help you. Our immigration consultant Dubai specializes in helping applicants hone their application and make it irresistible to the consulate.

Although the decrease in the CRS points is a highly welcomed development among applicants who are applying for Canadian citizenship, however, the cut off points is still high enough to ensure that the candidates that qualify are of high caliber. Anyone would agree that for a candidate to score 483 points, such candidate must be exceptional in areas of human capital development and have great skill transferability. Being able to sum up such points would mean that the applicant must have obtained a Provincial Nomination Certificate which qualifies him or her for a job offer. As a matter of fact, all those who have a Provincial Nomination Certificate are given 600 CRS points and are issued an ITA for Canadian Permanent Residence without delay.

A recent report revealed that in 2015, more candidates who have Core CRS scores that’s less than 450 were given ITA for Canadian PR than candidates who have 450 points or more. This was revealed by the Canada Immigration and Citizenship report. It was clarified further that Core CRS shows a candidate’s score without the additional 600 points given for securing a job offer or provincial nomination. Many of those who were selected with Core CRS scores were placed in the pool, received and given enhanced Provincial Nomination Certificate.

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