Brazilian Work Permit and Temporary Residence Visas

All foreigners who have some skill and are willing to work in Brazil are eligible to apply for the Brazilian Work Permit visa. This Brazil Work Visas is issuable to everyone who often have need to travel to Brazil to carry out some work or perform some services under a fixed term or on contract basis. This includes researchers, technicians, professionals, scientists and others.

For you to quality the Brazil visa requirement is a proof of sponsorship by an approved business or company. There are businesses and corporations in Brazil who need skilled hands but can’t seem to find them in Brazil. What they do is look for people outside Brazil, give them a Work Permit or Temporary residence visa, and bring them into the country to fill the void.

To qualify for Brazil Permits and visas, you must have a job offer. This is where is all begins and ends. Once you have a confirmed job offer, your chances of getting your visa increases greatly. Once you get a job offer, you can now submit your Brazil visa application to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor.

An alternative route of entering Brazil without Brazil visas is via the visit visa. Once you are in the country, you can quickly look for a job. This is a very big advantage as you cannot try that in other countries like US. Once you have proof of employment, you can submit a Brazil visa application to the Ministry of Labor in Brazil and get yourself a Temporary Residence visa.

Brazilian Work Permits and Visas offer the applicant:

  • Up to 2 years renewable visa
  • Eligibility to retain current national passport
  • Eligibility to bring in dependents
  • Eligibility to live and work within Brazil

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Brazil Visa FAQs

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