Brazil Work Visa

With an economy that is growing faster than what obtains in many countries, there is an increasing demand for skilled labor in Brazil. No country has all the brains. To therefore attract the right people, every country designs visas to suit the foreign national. If you are considering Brazil, you are not alone. There are thousands of foreign nationals that apply for Brazil work visas every year. These work permits and visas give you access to live and work in the country without prejudice.

To obtain Work Brazil visas, you will need a job offer from someone or company in Brazil. The type of job however is not specific. Also, you will need to apply for and obtain a Labor Approval from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. This document will be issued once your employer confirms that you have been given an employment in Brazil. With the Labor Approval documents, you can submit a Brazil visa application to the consulate and obtain a temporary residency visa.

While you are in the country, you are allowed to look for better job opportunities if you are not really satisfied with the one that brought you in. There are no restrictions to this. After you have been in Brazil for a while on a clean slate, you can submit an application for a more permanent resident visa which now opens you up to full eligibility in Brazil. All temporary resident visa holders have the opportunity to apply for citizenship but you must have been in Brazil for a while with a clean slate.

Brazilian Work Permit

Get your Brazilian Work Permit with Permits and Visas. This visa can be issued to people who travels to Brazil to work and/or perform any duties or services under contract

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