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One of the most attractive locations for immigrants is Brazil. You may be wondering why? Brazil is loved because of the beautiful coastline and skylines among other things such as low cost housing, natural resources, sunny climate and so on. With an economy that is growing daily, Brazil is definitely one of the hotspots for those who are looking to invest as well as those who are looking to retire.

The Brazilian culture is a particularly rich one. It has one of the richest cultures in the whole of the Caribbean. With a coastline of about 7,491km, it has gradually risen to be the 7th largest economy in the world. Many international investors and professionals see Brazil as a place to be as well as people who just appreciate beauty and want to live the rest of their lives looking at it. Brazil is widely recognized for their sporting skills, particularly in football, being one of the countries that has consistently produced formidable teams in the world cup.

The country however is not all self-sufficient and as such appreciate the input of foreign nationals. For those who might be thinking of migrating to Brazil, there are Brazil visas which can be obtained by filling out Brazil visa application along with supplying the necessary Brazil visa requirements. The permits and visas issued are of different categories and may include Brazil work visas or not.

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Brazilian Work Permit/Temporary Residence Visas

Brazil work visas are for people who wants to work and live in Brazil and has a skills, Specialty profession or a High Value Migrant.

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