The Best way to immigrate to Canada is through Canada PNP program. This is the program where the provinces of Canada nominate the individuals for Canada Permanent Residency.  Its depend upon the demand and needs of each province as they are different, the selection criteria also vary accordingly.

PNPs are an option for those Candidates who don’t qualify for federal immigration programs in Canada. Through the PNPs the provinces of Canada have the right to nominate candidates to obtain a Canadian permanent residence in these provinces. There are other many provinces i.e. Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec.

There are two main provinces in which the candidate can obtain the Canadian residence permit much easier way than any others. These provinces are Saskatchewan and Quebec.

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Immigration to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a popular destination for new Canadians to settle. The easiest way is the provincial nomination program to immigrate to Saskatchewan within the Express Entry Canada immigration system.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) allows the province to nominate people having the skills and experience. Besides this, the Saskatchewan PNP also helps people who currently live and work in Saskatchewan, or who are interested to invest in a business in the province.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is the largest province of Canada, and it has many opportunities for new candidates. It offers international applicants an efficient pathway of moving to Canada. While the majority of immigrants in Canada look to work for companies instead of starting their own business. Also, if you are planning to move to Quebec, then going there as a foreign worker is not the best idea instead you can move there with a PR visa.

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