Work and Live in Denmark

Benefits of Having a Danish Green Card

What are the benefits of Having a Danish or Denmark Green Card

  • This will allow the card holder to temporarily reside in the country for up to 3 years and this can be extended up to 4 years
  • Your Permit can be extended if you worked for the past 1 year with at least 10 hours a week
  • You can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa after 4 years
  • You can apply for Citizenship if you stay for continuous 9 years in Denmark
  • Your family members such as your wife, partner, children under 18 years old are eligible for residence permits as well
  • Your family members can work and live in the country

Eligibility for a Danish Green Card

Denmark is using a points based system where in applicant will be assessed based on his profile and he must score at least 100 points to be eligible to apply for a Danish Green Card. Applicants who score more than 100 are the ones Permits and Visas processes.


Permits and Visas has been receiving a lot of immigration application for Denmark. Denmark is one of the popular destination for migration for a number of skilled and highly skilled professionals as it offers a number of reasons and opportunities to individuals who are wanting to live and work in the European region. To qualify for a Denmark Visa, there are a number of criteria an applicant must reach first.

Know your eligibility for a Danish Green Card with the help of our Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Once you have found out that you are eligible, our immigration agents will let you know of the process and requirements of the visa application.

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