Become A Canadian Skilled Worker

Become A Canadian Skilled Worker

Are you looking for how to get Canadian visa? The Canadian government issues permanent residency visas to members of the Economic and Family Class. The Economic Class majorly includes professionals and skilled workers who are under the Skilled Worker Class, the Quebec Skilled Worker Category, and the Provincial Nominee Category and the Business Immigrants.

The system used in selecting winning candidates is point based. All applicants under the Skilled worker category are subject assessment based on several factors which are used to judge how likely it is for the applicant and dependents to be established successfully in Canada. All ideal applicants under this category must possess skills and employment experience which is relevant to the occupations which are “open” to prospective Canadian immigrants. Those who already have job offers in Canada at the time of application are particularly preferred to those who do no.

The Quebec Skilled worker category and the provincial nominee category give the eligibility to applicants to become permanent residents based on their proven ability to become economically established in Canada. There are metrics used to measure this and such metrics are fully compliant with immigration programs and selection criteria which are administered absolutely by Quebec or other provinces.

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