Available Canadian Immigration Programs

Available Canadian Immigration Programs

There are a number of ways an individual can immigrate to Canada from UAE. The Canadian Government are constantly updating their immigration programs to make sure that Immigration to Canada will be a successful one for the employers and the applicants. At the moment, there are more than 60 immigration programs available for application for Canada Immigration.

  1. Skilled Worker

    Programs under this category are based on a points system based on applicants agem education, work experience and others.

  2. Family Class Sponsorship

    The programs under this category will allow an individual to sponsor close relatives who are eligible to migrate to Canada.

  1. Investors and Entrepreneurs

    The programs under this category are for interested applicants with enough net worth to set up a business in Canada as well as experience in managing a business.

  2. Canadian Experience Class

    This program aims to attract those who are skilled and studied in Canada to immigrate permanently in the country.

  3. Quebec Experience Class

    Those who studied in the country and worked in Quebec are encouraged to work and live in Quebec permanently.

  4. Provincial Nominee

    This programs is for individuals who are interested in settling in a particular Canadian territory or province.


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